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Ravishing raptors

I think I have had more call outs to raptors, than anything else recently. Sadly the only time we really get to see these beautiful birds up close, is when there is something wrong. I'm glad to say that not all my encounters ended badly.

I have just posted the beautiful release of a tawny owl on my instagram account. This came to me after a RTC in May. I then transported it to the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary for futher rehab and some weeks later, it was fit and ready to go.

I have also been out to a number of buzzards. One was a simple rescue release, but the one below was another RTC. It had taken quite a blow to the head and when I found it, it was bleeding from the mouth and nostrils and its left eye was massively swollen and closed.

I was extremely lucky when my vets told me that Dr David Williams (a veterinary eye specialist) would be visiting the practice I use and had agreed to see the buzzard. Sadly it was confirmed the buzzard had lost sight in the eye. This isn't the sad ending you might think. Some birds of prey, when it's proven they can fly and hunt with compromised vision, can be released. This bird, along with another is now in the hands of The Raptor Foundation and I will keep my fingers crossed. Thank you for taking them.

And finally; as my husband would say "It could only happen to you!"

There we were in Calais at Eurotunnel, waiting to have our passports checked by the UK security, when Phil noticed a car two in front of us reversing and driving around something.

He then says "Oh great, there's a baby pigeon in the road!". I look at him and he gives me the "Go get it" nod.

So I ran up the line of traffic, to be met with security coming from the other way! EEK. It turned out it wasn't a baby pigeon, but a Little Owl fledgling, that had just fallen out of the roof above passport check. They quickly checked us through and went and found me a box. Everyone was so helpful. As we boarded the train I had a call from John in security to say the French security had collected it and would take it to a vet in Calais.

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