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March 2024

We've reached the end of March - already! The following photos shows the rescues I've been on since the beginning of the year and the areas I've covered. It roughly works out to a rescue every other day.

Some babies/orphans have already started to appear and these numbers will jump as we go into April and the weather improves, she says hopefully! Gosh it's been wet.

My long suffering husband (Phil) and I had quite a challenging rescue of a tawny owl that had been caught up in kite string, high up in trees. The tawny owl was recovered but due to the time it had been hanging, it's wing was damaged. Thankfully no breaks or dislocations were found and it is still in the care of the fantastic people at The Suffolk Owl Sanctuary. Fingers crossed for a full recovery.

I also recently attended a very poorly fox and this turned out to be another challenging rescue, trying to access a vacant property. Once I had permission from the owner, I had to slide on my back under a small gap under the fence. Once caught, I transported the fox to the South Essex Wildlife Hospital. Thanks as always to SEWH for their care.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support my page either verbally, or by contributions that have helped my buy more equipment and supplies, including the fantastic cage above. I'm very grateful.

Enjoy your Easter weekend. Jo

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