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January 2024

I'm going to try and do monthly updates on my website, as I keep forgetting to do individual rescues.

Although I work independently, I've also been working more with other rescue people including Woodland paws (foxes and badgers) H.E.A.R.T rescue and obviously The Swan Sanctuary. This has meant the variety of animals I have been to from the start of the year has changed.

Since 1st January I have been to 3 Swans, 2 Foxes, 2 Deer, 1 Goose, 1 Lapwing and 1 Buzzard. It seems to have been a bad month for losses, with the majority of animals I've been to needing to be humanely euthanised. I can't lie, it started to make me feel pretty gloomy.

Below are a few photos from January. You can also find updates on Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to pick up the phone, but also those who assisted me with rescues.

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