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Ducklings, ducklings everywhere!

Updated: May 30, 2022

April and May have mostly been about ducklings!

Injured ducklings, lost ducklings and one set of ducklings complete with mum came to stay for three weeks.

Bluebell as I named her was found next to the road near Audley End. She had 13 babies with her and while normally we would escort a mum to water, it really was a long walk next to a busy road, so I made the decision to bring the whole family back to mine.

Bluebell went on to adopt another five orphan ducklings and raised them all beautifully. She was a supermum! This is the day of release for all 18 and I love that she turned and gave me a nod, before taking her family off to the safety of the reeds.

Between April and May I have been called out to 83 ducklings, 40 of which have come back to mine for rearing and I have 21 still here who will be released over the next few weeks.

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