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Cygnets washed over Ware weir.

9th May 2022

I had a call from GSK in Ware to say 3 cygnets had been washed over the weir with no way of getting back to their parents.

The staff at GSK were fantastic and arranged for me to access their site, so I could get as close as possible to the cygnets. After a short time of luring them nearer, I managed to scoop all three in one go into my net. LUCKY!!

I then walked back up river to find the rest of the family. Luckily I had a keen eyed helper in the form of Ryan, who spotted the parents back on their nest. I took one of the babies out the carrier and it's squeaks got the attention of dad and the family started to head over. A successful rescue and release and one big happy family again.

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