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April/May 2024 - What a hoot!

April and May saw the arrival of some Tawny Owlets, 8 in total! Half of those came to me directly and a couple were really quite poorly on arrival. Others came to me via rescues such as Woody's Wildlife Rescue and HEART. As I was making quite a few runs to the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, it makes sense for rescues to help each other and I ended up being a Hooty taxi. Thank you to SOS for taking all the babies and your fabulous care.

April also heralded duckling season and even though we managed to have a weeks holiday, I was still called to 22 in April alone. April quickly became May and the cygnets started to appear and get themselves in all sorts of bother. God I love these little floof balls. The three below became separated from their parents and travelled a long way down river. Thankfully I was able to reunite them with their family later that day.

I have assisted with 73 animals over the course of April and May alone and 110 so far this year, and we aren't even half way through.

As you know, I am self funded and I'm very grateful to those of you who support me by donations, items from my Amazon wish list, or by your kind words and by saying "Thank you".

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